2023 Great American Picnic

2023 Great American Picnic Information

The Great American Picnic is a fun and easy way to enjoy music all night with friends or family and is a long-standing tradition of the festival. Attendees can rent a table provided by the festival and choose to decorate (or not) for judging. Prizes will be issued for winners of the awards! The tables are setup in front of the main stage on Saturday night. Details are posted below!

With your picnic table rental, you get a 30"x96" table from 4:45 to 11 pm, with eight (8) chairs.

No extra chairs can be permitted.

Your table is for Saturday evening picnic only, not other festival events, and is non-refundable, rain or shine.

The Great American Picnic Hours


SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 4:00 pm -11 pm

3:45 pm – Set Up Time

4:45 pm – Table Decorating

6:00 pm - Judging Begins

8:15 pm- Winners Announced for

Table Decorating

PLEASE NOTE: No outside alcohol will be permitted on festival grounds. If you bring outside alcohol on the premises, we will be required to ask you to take it off the premises. We follow the city enforced alcohol policy. Per KRS 243.260, the Festival is only permitted to sell alcohol by the glass. There will be a selection of draft beer and other libations available for purchase.

2023's Picnic Awards

The theme for the picnic will be “Free Your Mind and the Brass will Follow”.

*This theme can be used for table decorating, but is not required.*

'Free Your Mind' Award - This table best reflects this year's theme- a play on words to show how diverse and cultural brass band music truly is!

Best in Brass Award – This table best reflects the Great American Brass Band Festival.

The Improv Award – Jazz is often improvisational, and this award will go to the table that best exhibits an innovative or creative concept.

Best in Business Award - This table is decorated to best showcase a business and a love for Danville.

How do I get a picnic table? You have options!

1. To submit your order via email or mail, click HERE to download the Picnic Table Order Form and follow the steps on the form (form and check mailed together)

2. To submit your order through the website (credit or check payment options available), go to HERE and proceed with the steps on the page to complete your order

Email or mail in a completed form to [email protected], or PO Box 429 Danville KY, 40422

Contact Us

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The Great American Brass Band Festival is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization supported by the generosity of our donors and sponsors. Every donation helps us keep the Festival going.

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